UGC Usage Terms

Cub & Fox exists to help parents offer their little ones more creative play, with less mess.

We serve the parent, the child and the child within ✨

If you are reading this, then we've reached out because we love some content that you have produced and believe it can help us on our mission to reach more parents (and more importantly more kids!)

So what does that mean?

In agreeing that we may use the requested content, you acknowledge that we have your permission to use the content/assets provided in either their original or an altered form (eg. video edits), at our sole discretion.

The agreed content/assets may be used in online, marketing and print media, including but not limited to:

  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter etc.)
  • Websites, including but not limited to
  • Printed and promotional materials (brochures/flyers/posters etc.)
We will always seek to credit your account where possible, however this may not always be possible (eg. if used alongside other UGC content or on our website).

As the creator, you will retain ownership of the content and you hereby licence Cub & Fox pty ltd and it's agents to use the content in the manner expressed above.

If you agree to these terms please acknowledge your agreement by simply replying to the message or comment where this link was provided with the hashtag #yescubandfox

Thanks so much for your help and support on our mission!

🤍 Mayra & Kieran